Sense for Safety

Sense was founded in 1977 and has more than 40 years of experience in colouring products for children. Our business idea has always been to sell carefully selected and chemically safe products for children. We have a wide range of products which we have gradually built over the years.

Since Sense was founded, in 1977, we have been working with a “non-toxic product” concept and demanded high standards from our suppliers that all our products should be free from hazardous chemicals according to current EU regulations also are free from PVC and phthalates. We were pleased when the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (Swedish “Naturskyddsföreningen”) in 2013 started a project called “Non-toxic preschool”, aimed at increasing the knowledge of chemicals in preschools and ensuring that children do not come into contact with toys and other objects that contain harmful chemicals.

We constantly increase our knowledge and understanding of dangers and negative effects of hazardous chemicals on both humans and the environment, and we ensure that all our products are made of environmental-friendly ingredients and that they are safe for us, the people, according to regulations from Sweden and the European Union.

All our products intended for children have been chemically tested and approved in accordance with the latest regulations from Swedish and EU authorities regarding child products, including the Toys Directive, REACH Regulations and Cosmetics Regulations for our face paint products

When we develop a new product, we always think from a child’s perspective. Children have a genuine sense of creativity, and when they create that, the whole body is often included – it must be clamped, felt and examined. We are aware of all these and therefore it is important for us that our products meet these expectations from our consumers and also meet legal requirements.

We make this possible thanks to our full-time employed chemical quality manager who continuously monitors chemical safety regulations from Swedish and EU authorities, thanks to our cooperation with reputable suppliers around the world, also our cooperation with clients and non-profit organizations such as the Childhood Cancer Fund (Swedish “Barncancerfonden”, which we had a long and giving co-operation during many years.)

We also carry out our own quality checks on incoming deliveries and samples using an advanced scanning system. With this instrument (XRF-scanner) we can avoid PVC and we get an indication that our products do not contain heavy metals over permitted limits according to EU regulations.

By scanning samples and deliveries we have better opportunities to ensure safe content for humans and the environment.

It’s not just the product ingredients that we care for. Even our packaging must meet a good environmental standard. As part of this work, we are working on how to reduce the amount of plastic packaging where possible, in order to eventually have a majority of our packaging in cardboard.

Sense has been an FSC-certified company since 2016. Most of our wooden coloring pencils, drawing papers and coloring books are produced in FSC material in a responsible manner, by caring for the world’s forests.

Through our Code of Conduct, we continue our cooperation with our suppliers to achieve our common goals. The most important issues are obvious, and concern mainly issues such as the working environment in factories, working hours, minimum wages, reduced resource outcomes, issues relating to human rights and continuous environmental work to minimize our environmental impact. It’s a big and ongoing work that never ends.

We hope that you feel safe with your Sense product. Please contact us if you have questions or comments about our products, at


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