Drying time

The drying time varies, depending on the weight and size of the model. The bigger it is, the longer it will take to dry, but generally speaking, the surface of a finished Dream Dough model will be dry after 2-3 hours (N.B. the model will still be moist inside at this point) and needs between 24 and 72 hours to dry completely.

Heavier models/components may have a tendency to “sag” slightly while drying. This can be prevented by supporting the heaviest part of the model while it is drying, e.g. by using a “rounded” surface, such as the underside of one of the modelling dough pots (see picture).


Refresh/improve the modelling dough’s consistency

Dream Dough is water-based, so it starts to dry as soon as it comes into contact with the air. If elasticity or adhesiveness of the modelling dough starts to deteriorate during use (when it’s not being worked) as a result of this drying process, it can easily be fixed by adding a couple of drops of water and then re-kneading the dough to work the liquid back into the dough. Follow the simple steps shown below to extend the lifespan and usability of the modelling dough.

After ca. 30 minutes exposed to the air (without being worked), the outer surface of the modelling dough will dry slightly while remaining soft inside. If this happens, make sure you knead, stretch and work the modelling dough thoroughly to restore its flexibility.


After more than 30 minutes exposed to the air (without being worked), you can add a couple of drops of water to the modelling dough (N.B. don’t add too much water or you won’t achieve the desired result), then mix the water into the modelling dough by kneading and working it thoroughly.



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